Welcome to Reading RESCUE

Our clear up took place over the weekend and we collected….

360 bags of rubbish and recycling, lots of scrap metal and debris including:
furniture, kitchenware, car parts, scaffolding (recovered & returned to company), electrical items and lots of glass bottles collected & taken to recycling banks.

345 people took part over four days, from 23 organisations, clearing 35 sites between them.

510 hours of clearing up time between them all, not including organisation time before the long weekend.

Result: lots of satisfied happy people and a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy!

Pictures on twitter & facebook now and full report on our event pages to follow.

Latest news…

April 2014

The National Farmers Union says a fly-tipping incident takes place every 30 seconds in the UK. Check out the National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group website for more key stats and info on fly-tipping on private land.

March 2014

Tree Wardens Network announce two local events being held at the end of this month.  Find out more here….

RESCUE teams at the ready! – See the list of clean up teams in action over RESCUE weekend 13 – 16 March 

Feb 2014

Council to deep clean 132 streets in Reading as part of ‘Love Clean Reading’.  See the list of streets here and watch the video here.

Jan 2014

Thames Water have confirmed sponsorship for March RESCUE 2014! 

We are delighted to be supported by them for the 8th year.  They will also have clean up teams out on both Thursday and Friday of the event.


The amounts of rubbish going to land fill are at a record low in the UK according to an ediewaste article.  Still, we manage to find so much that doesn’t quite make it to one!


RVA have published some guidelines for community groups to contact the press with their news stories.  Read the artlicle here.

Our Autumn RESCUE 2013 was a great success.  

Find out where the clean up teams were in operation here… 

Check our twitter feed below to see pictures from the clean up event which took place in October 2013 and read what the clean up teams achieved together here.

Mayor of Reading says ‘Thank You’ to all RESCUE volunteers

Mayor of Reading on 11 Sept 2013Following the great effort over a number of years by hundreds of volunteers, the Mayor invited representatives from business, community clean up teams and RBC waste services to personally say ‘thank you’ for their commitment and effort towards keeping Readings environmental spaces clean.

The Mayors reception took place on Septeber 3rd 2013 in the Mayors Parlour, Civic Centre.  Mayor Marian Livingstone enjoyed personally meeting and thanking volutneers for their contribution.  The volunteers were also pleased to be thanked in this way and said it was a priviledge to be invited to such an event.

A valuable networking event for some groups too as RESCUE volunteers  discussed ways to work together during clean up events.

Mayors Reception photo Sept 2013 all volunteers

Please click here to find out about our Pride of Reading Award 2010.

Find out more about Reading RESCUE, when it happens and how it’s organised.