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Our next event is Thursday 6th & Friday 7th October 2016

If you’d like to get involved in October’s RESCUE event, email us at rescue@reading.gov.uk

Our events in 2015 and March 2016 were a great success.

In March 2015, 400 volunteers (including 60 children) totalled 650 volunteering hours.  We collected 300 bags of rubbish and 105 bags of recycling, plus LOTS of debris.  We covered the river from Kennet Mouth to Burghfield, 7 local woodlands and lots of other local areas.

In October 2015, 12 groups of volunteers got to work in 14 areas of Reading, including Kennet Walk, Baker Street, Waterloo Meadows and the Thames footpath from Rivermead Leisure Centre to King’s Meadow.

Our event in March 2016 was held to coincide with the national Clean for the Queen campaign which marked Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.

For the full details, visit our events page.

Thank you to all our volunteers for taking pride in our town and contributing to the UKs biggest clean up event!

Celebrating 25 Years

Started in 1989 by a group of committed and concerned canal users from West Berkshire and Reading, the Rivers & Environmental Spaces Clean Up Event has changed tremendously over the years.  It has grown to include business sponsorship and urban areas.

We held a celebration event in mid November to mark this special year!  You can see pictures on our Facebook page ‘ReadingRESCUE’.

We are very pleased to hear that Waitrose Caversham has raised £350 for RESCUE through a ‘Community Matters’ box – thank you to everyone who voted for us in August 2014!


Mayor of Reading says ‘Thank You’ to all RESCUE volunteers

Mayor of Reading on 11 Sept 2013Following the great effort over a number of years by hundreds of volunteers, the Mayor invited representatives from business, community clean up teams and RBC waste services to personally say ‘thank you’ for their commitment and effort towards keeping Readings environmental spaces clean.

The Mayors reception took place on Septeber 3rd 2013 in the Mayors Parlour, Civic Centre.  Mayor Marian Livingstone enjoyed personally meeting and thanking volutneers for their contribution.  The volunteers were also pleased to be thanked in this way and said it was a priviledge to be invited to such an event.

A valuable networking event for some groups too as RESCUE volunteers  discussed ways to work together during clean up events.

Mayors Reception photo Sept 2013 all volunteers

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