About Reading RESCUE

RESCUE stands for ‘Rivers and Environmental Spaces Clean Up Event’

RESCUE Partnership

Reading RESCUE – Rivers and Environmental Spaces Clean-up Event – is an outdoor volunteer clean-up event.

Started in 1989 by a group of committed and concerned canal users from West Berkshire and Reading, the ‘Rivers & Environmental Spaces CleanUp Event’ has changed tremendously over the years and has grown to include business sponsorship and urban areas.

During 3 days in March and 2 in October, clean up teams who want to make a difference to Reading’s woodlands, waterways, green spaces and streets can get support to deliver a safe and co-ordinated event with the help of the RESCUE steering group.

Volunteers from Reading are the force behind RESCUE. Clean up teams are made up of people from local businesses, neighbourhood, resident and community groups, scouts, guides and other young groups, canal and river users and other local volunteers.

Across, Reading, groups clean up in an area close to or of interest to them. Some groups are happy to work anywhere across Reading, and therefore are allocated a litter hotspot. Clean up teams are provided with litter pickers, gloves, bags and crucially a rubbish pick up to take away the litter and debris that is found.

RESCUE is sponsored by Thames Water, and delivered by Connect Reading and the RESCUE Steering Group.

What are the benefits of taking part?

  • Makes a difference for your local area
  • Builds up neighbourly spirit and community pride.
  • Changing littering behaviour and the attitude of the community
  • Great for employee engagement and for fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Allows people to show their appreciation for the local area by taking care of their surroundings
  • Creates a sense of achievement
  • Certificates for children who participate in a clean-up event.

Supporters & sponsors

Read more about the organisations that support Reading RESCUE and make it a successful event twice a year.