RESCUE steering group

RESCUE organisers hold a few meetings a year to evaluate and plan our two annual events.

Notes from out last meeting, on Tuesday 5th August 2014 are below.

Intro’s and welcomes

Ricky Josey – RESCUE Chair, Neeti Bindra – Thames Water, Holly Baker – Connect Reading, Hannah Trott – Reading University and Summreen Sheikh – Reading Council.

25th anniversary celebrations – what, where and how.

All to think about a ‘champion’ who could present certificates at a celebration event – someone inspirational, slightly famous etc.


Connect will ask their members if they will host it on weeks beginning 13th or 20th October (straight after RESCUE event).

Tesco said they will provide food – will check this is ok with the venue.

Summreen to email Tesco to check they are still ok to support the event.

Connect may have a graphic designer who could create the certificates for us. Need frames as well – Summreen to ask Tesco.

At event:

Would be good to have old RESCUE photo’s from the paper and those which people have kept too.  Ricky to ask Alan Bunce from Reading Post. Summreen will look for old photo’s too.

Have a scrolling video / presentation at the event to show groups involved.  Also have a video on youtube – some one needed to make the video!

Publicity of RESCUE generally

Can we publicise RESCUE with other environmental council initiatives? I.e. cycle bridge?

Hannah will publicise through sports clubs, staff etc at University.

Ricky & Summreen are doing a stall at Farmers Market – Hannah to send invite to Freshers Fair on 23rd Sept 11am – 4pm at Uni as well. (UoR term start 29 Sept, after welcome week). (Update – Ricky is working so we will not be able to have a stand at this event).

Neeti to send to UTC in Crescent Road.

Publicity: ‘Litter Pick Race’ at UoR, with students and litter picking challenges!  To develop this idea through an email group.

Mini bins

These are small pocket pouches that you can store cigarette butts in until you reach a bin.  Do we want to promote?  Link to product They cost £1.15 – £1.70 each (ex vat) depending on size and design.


Nationally an estimated 200 million butts are thrown away every day and smoking-related rubbish now the UK’s biggest litter problems according to Keep Britain Tidy. The total discarded waste is 20 billion butts per year.

Cigarettes are made of plastic and cellulose acetate and can take up to 12 years to degrade fully and contain chemicals which are damaging to marine life, birds and the environment.

Smokers wrongly assume cigarette waste is too small to be classed as litter – this is where the problem lies.

RBC Streetcare are promoting them at the moment through their ‘waste and recycling trailer’ which they take to community events.

We decided to put this on the website (Summreen) for people to buy for their friends and do an article on the issue.  Neeti suggested employers could promote to their staff as well.

Cycle path clear up during RESCUE.

The RBC cycle promotion team has asked if we can include vegetation cut back and general clear up of cycle ways as part of RESCUE.  RBC need to arrange cut vegetation removal before we can say yes to this.

Two sites identified are: along Thames from Reading bridge along Hills Meadow (Thames Water can clear this one) and Honey End Lane (edge of Prospect Park leading to Prospect School).

Neeti will contact the Thames Water cycling group about cycle path clear ups and ask their ecologist if March and October are ok times to be cutting vegetation.

Ricky to contact cycling community groups to get more people on board.


Reading Festival clear up – it was felt that not enough was done to clear up after the event on and around the site.  Could RESCUE have a word with the organisers?