Other Events & Campaign Updates

Campaign Updates

RESCUE is one of the many organisations working to improve the urban, green and water spaces which can become neglected or littered.  Find out what other organisations in the UK are doing below.

The government has announced a plastic bag charge will start in England by the end of 2015.  It will affect supermarkets and larger shops and the money raised will go to charities.  Read the BBC article on it here.

Since this announcement in September, the Association of Convenience Stores is now asking to also be included in the scheme.  Read why here.

Action for the River Kennet (ARK) are asking people and groups to tell them about any issues they are aware of that degrade the canals ecology.  This could be pollutants, river morphology, drainage, artificial or natural barriers to flow etc.  They would like responses through their website by the end of November 2013.  Click here to go the their website to respond.  (Select the part of the River you would like to comment on).

Action for the River Kennet consulting on river ecology.

Action for the River Kennet consulting on river ecology.


BBC ran a series of programs highlighting the impact of litter on 28th October 2013.  This included two features on BBC Breakfast and the BBC Five Live morning call in.  View the Panorama program here.


Big Tidy Up aims to get everyone out on the streets cleaning up their corner of the community in the country’s biggest ever litter pick. Find out how you can be a part of it.


  • Litter Action is an online community of voluntary groups and individuals take action on litter problems locally, which your team could join.
  • Love Clean Streets is an integrated service which helps authorities manage and respond to environmental crime such as graffiti, pot holes and fly-tipping.
  • Love Clean Reading means that you can submit environmental issues such as fly-tipping and get Love Clean Reading to deal with it.
  • Reading Borough Council provide information on what to do when you see fly-tipping, and how to take action against fly-tipping.
  • The Environment Agency is asking for communities to give their experiences to improve the countries water quality and habitats. Thames, Kennet and Loddon are included and the consultation is open until December 2013.
  • RESCUE are also running their own littering campaign in which they would like any volunteers or residents to complete a survey of an area to find out more about littering behaviour with the hopes of publishing the results on RESCUE.
  • Love the Lea campaign is run by Thames 21 raising awareness for pollution issues in the River Lea. The campaign asks for people to sign-up to a pledge to spread the word.

Berkshire Clean Up

If you want to get involved in other clean up events in Berkshire, please follow the links below to find out where and when they are.


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