2015 March & October

October 2015

In October 2015, 12 groups of volunteers got to work in 14 areas of Reading, including Kennet Walk, Baker Street, Waterloo Meadows and the Thames footpath from Rivermead Leisure Centre to King’s Meadow.

March 2015

RESCUE started on Thursday 26th and ran until the 29th.  Over the four day event, the rain held off, except on Thursday when sponsors Thames Water were caught in a lunch time downpour.  Other Thursday groups – The Conservation Volunteers and Mrs Ibti & friends’ also endured a shower, but enjoyed contributing to the cleanliness of the town.

Thames Water volunteers cleared up around Kings Meadow and Thames Promenade.

Thames Water volunteers cleared up around Kings Meadow and Thames Promenade.

Newcomers Katesgrove Community Association felt satisfied to have cleared a local littered eyesore on the corner of Elgar Road and Berkeley Avenue and some of their young helpers received certificates from RESCUE (which are available to all volunteers on request).

Tilehurst GLOBE ran 4 events and issued certificates to children taking part, as well as 11 prizes donated from local businesses, to lucky participants taking part in the volunteers raffle.

Holiday Inn Reading South enthusiastically cleared along the Foudry Brook and nearby workmen helped transport the litter and debris in their tractor to the rubbish collection point.

Together all the volunteers achieved:

43 sites cleared
25 groups took part
300 bags of rubbish
105 bags of recycling
211 people took part, including 60 young people

603 volunteering hours and 50 organising hours (estimated)  which is a total time of £9800 financial equivalent contribution

The local areas cleared of litter included:

The River Kennet from Reading to Burghfield

7 local woodlands

10 parks / recreation grounds

4 river towpaths – Holy Brook, Thames, Kennet and Foudry Brook

Lots and lots of debris found – small items – drinking cans, childrens toys, 12 footballs in the river and bigger items included sofa’s, wood chipper, cycles, clothes dryers, lots of metal and wood pieces.

There were 3 sites that reported fly-tipping by local residents.

Long standing eyesores cleared:

1) stretch of Holy Brook from Berkeley Avenue to Rose Kiln Lane cleared completely – river bank and channel

2) fenced off corner of Elgar Road / Berkeley Avenue next to no. 2 cleared

Business contribution*

24 volunteers
50 bags collected
6 sites cleared
73 volunteer hours from 3 business teams

*business numbers are included in the total numbers above.

Good weather, good team effort to get rid of the litter we all hate seeing.

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