Information to help volunteers take part in RESCUE.


Volunteer pack

We’ve written an information pack that gives background and general information on RESCUE.

To form a clean up team the below sections are particularly useful for new groups:

Section 2: how to take part in RESCUE and

Section 3: considerations for your event.

Poster & postcard

RESCUE steering group provides a poster for groups to advertise their local event on.  Please use this as it includes our sponsors and supporters.

We’ve designed a post card for you to get the message about RESCUE across quickly, and on the reverse, people can tell us about local litter / fly-tipping hotspots.  Please request copies by contacting us.


We also have a Facebook presence (Reading RESCUE) which is good for linking up local groups to each other.  Our Twitter feed (@ReadingRESCUE) helps local promotion as well as national links with organisations doing similar things as us.

General adivce

Page 30 in our volunteer pack gives some information for when contacting the press to publicise your event.

In addition, RVA has published some guidlines on how to effectively contact the press about community events.  Read the article here.